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  • THE TWEE, global leading Korean Fashion Brand recognized by the Korean Fashion Association and the Department of Commerce and Trade of Korea, will be opening its first Southeast Asia flagship store in KL Gateway Mall this coming March 2017! Spanned across its retail space of more than 10,000 square feet, the brand will carry a wide collection of trendy Korean apparels, accessories and footwear for both men and women.

    WHAT: THE TWEE offers a wide variety of quaint and distinctive, yet flexible and easy-to-coordinate pieces for both men and women with prices ranging from RM 29 to RM 359. They will also be featuring diverse collections all year round that are designed by Korean designers with an individualistic essence that are infused with various cultures and taste, while giving it a touch of vibrancy and youthfulness. Through its fast merchandise over, THE TWEE has grown as the best SPA (Specialty Store Retailers of Private Label Apparel) brand in Korea, which, now operates more than 30 stores in Korea and aims to be a trend select store in Southeast Asia.

    Incorporating contemporary features such as wood, metal and bricks in its interior, the flagship store reflects the pursue for quality lifestyle and uniqueness, providing shoppers a modern, unique and enjoyable in-store experience

    WHEN: 2 March 2017, Thursday; 10.00 am – 10.00 pm

    WHERE: G.02, Ground Floor, KL Gateway Mall

    SPECIAL APPEARANCES: Stand a chance to meet & greet with local fashion influencers, Lucas Lau (2 March 2017) and Fiona Yeo (5 March 2017)! Catch them at the right time and you may even get some personal fashion tips from them, hence, don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!

    OPENING PROMOTIONS* (2 – 5 March 2017):

    1. THE TWEE’s Fashion Dash: A 30-minute shopping spree whereby two (2) lucky shoppers on a daily basis during the opening promotion period will be rewarded RM 40 off for every purchase worth RM 100.
    2. First 50 visitors to the flagship store on 2 March 2017 will receive a THE TWEE tote bag and shopping vouchers.
    3. Instant rebates of RM30 for purchases of RM250 and above; instant rebates of RM40 for purchases of RM300 and above; instant rebates of RM50 for purchases of RM350 and above.
    4. THE TWEE’s Lunch Break Deals available from 1pm to 2pm (applicable for all accessories only)
    5. THE TWEE’s After Work Great Deals available from 6 pm to 7 pm (applicable for footwear and bags only)

    *Note: Terms & conditions apply and are subject to change by THE TWEE

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